Conveying your Value

It’s Just Coffee

When I was single, I used to be super conservative about spending time with men. I think I assumed that I could get pregnant just by being in a room alone with a guy. But that’s just not how it really happens.

Yes as believers we want to be discerning but having a conversation with a guy doesn’t take away any purity from you.

I learned so much by getting out of my own way and talking to lots of different guys. This built my confidence and helped me form new ideas that translated to my knowing exactly what I was looking for and how to be natural and easy going when talking to men. So when my dream guy (Caleb) came along I was self assured and fun not intense and desperate.

Don’t decide not to talk to a guy if he doesn’t seem like husband material. In fact, stop assessing guys that way all together. He’s a guy God created. A human with thoughts and feelings and ideas. Why not have a conversation? You don’t need to become his girlfriend for 7 years if you don’t want to. Trust me. It’s just coffee. So say yes.

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