Upleveling your Value

Choosing Thoughts that Serve You

When we want to make changes in our lives to our feelings, to our goals or to our relationships, it is our thoughts and beliefs that hold us back.

If you are feeling lonely, discouraged or angry, it’s not because of the circumstances in your life, it’s the way you are choosing to look at things. Your thoughts are generating your feelings. But your thoughts are always optional.

If you have goals, you can think of yourself with confidence and determination or with doubt. Then you will take action from doubt or confidence. The action will be determined by how you’re feeling. It is really hard to accomplish goals sustainably if you’re choosing thoughts of doubt.

Your relationships are all just what you’re thinking. Your connection is in your mind. You can choose to have great relationships just by choosing to think loving thoughts.

Thoughts are SO powerful and 100% your choice.

What thoughts do you have on repeat that you know aren’t serving you?

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