Story #1 for my Professional Clients

When I met my husband, he was making 30k which is 3 times less than what I was making.  I felt very annoyed that I would have to be the main bread winner in our family.  Once we got married that annoyance gradually left me when I clearly saw that he contributed so much to our household and that I relied on him not just for money.  I began to see his 30k salary as just more abundance for our household.  Alone my household salary was 90k.  With him my household salary was 120k.  I felt so rich.  I felt so much freedom.  He took over most of the responsibilities for balancing our finances and checkbook.  He always asked me to contribute to this activity.  We discussed as equals what we did with our money.  Because he was helping to manage our money, we quickly got out of debt (85k – all mine) and soon had 40k sitting in the bank.  Then, we bought a house.  Our combined salary of 120k and his skill in managing money literally had us buying the most beautiful house I could imagine for us.  I learned to never look down on him for his lower income. 

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