Recognizing Your Value

Confidence is a Muscle

Your brain is programmed to be efficient. It’s programmed to follow the easiest path. So here’s the deal, your brain has gotten really good at thinking the same thoughts. Your old thoughts are its most efficient and easiest path. It’s not good at thinking confident thoughts. So you’re going to have to practice and practice and practice.

It’s not going to come easy because you’re going to have to retrain your brain. You’re going to fail. Old thoughts of insecurity and fear will sneak back. Your brain likes to think those old, familiar thoughts. It’s ok. When they come into your mind, recognize them. Say these words, “Hello old thoughts. I see you’re back. That’s fine. You can be here, but I’m sorry, you don’t get to be in the driver’s seat. That’s where the new confident thought sits.”

In the next several posts, I tell you exactly what actions to take from a feeling of confidence in order to be irresistible to men. Follow me to get notifications when I post.

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