Story #2 for my Professional Clients

I went to Johns Hopkins University and got my bachelors and master in mechanical engineering. My first job was at Northrop Grumman as a thermal engineer working on electronics for precision guided weapons. My job was pretty bad ass. But until I grew in my own self-confidence, I never wanted to talk about my alma mater, my degrees, or my job. I thought it would intimidate people I wanted to be my friends or I wanted to ask me out. Once I started working with coaches, my self esteem sky rocketed. I learned to feel proud of my accomplishments, I even put them on my online dating profile. I realized that if I presented it in a happy, humble, interesting way, rather than being intimidated by it, the guys respected me for my accomplishments. The women that might have been intimidated realized I wasn’t showing off and they became my friends. I stopped trying to down play my expertise and accomplishments and realized that it was ok to be smart and successful.

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