Story #4 for my Professional Clients

Being a highly educated professional woman meant I had many options in my life.  I was able to move around the country and get jobs easily.  While at Johns Hopkins, I took advantage of study abroad programs and met men and women in Europe.  I stayed in Germany for several months and realized that the color of my skin did not matter and I could attract men from all races and nationalities.  One guy that I really became close to was from Croatia.  He was studying engineering at the University of Hanover and I met him at Johns Hopkins on his exchange internship.  We became great friends.  He shared with me a lot of the mindsets that I now have.  Mindsets that include the fact that the world is much bigger than just the United States.  He knew how to enjoy life and make friends in any city he was in.  He also was supremely patient and kind.  When I did my exchange internship at the University of Hannover, he looked out for me.  He invited me to picnics with his friends, took me to wine shops for my birthday, and introduced me to all kinds of beer gardens and concerts.  When my mom visited me in Germany, he took us to Berlin.  These are experiences I’ll never forget with a guy I will never forget.  I think that women often think that if a guy is not a romantic partner, he doesn’t serve any purpose.  That’s simply not true.  As I was searching for love I met many men that I did not want to marry, but with each relationship I built a picture in my mind of what I did and didn’t want in my future husband.  This particular friend taught me that I wanted someone who was patient and kind and knew how to enjoy life.  Someone who was aware of the whole world, not just his personal country. My relationship with him also taught me that men don’t always want something from me.  Sometimes they truly do just want friendship.  Understanding this, opened my heart to more love than I had previously allowed it.  Not romantic love.  But certainly agape love for my fellow man.

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