Story #6 for my Professional Clients

My favorite story from my time at Northrop Grumman was the time I cussed out a guy named Ben without using a single curse word.  I was in a rotational program because I had just graduated from Johns Hopkins University.  I had done several rotations at the company and had selected the Thermal Design and Analysis group as my “forever” home.  For some reason, they couldn’t hire me back right away and I needed to do one more rotation.  I selected the Biological Defense department.  It was run by tons of young cute guys.  I fell in love with all of them in a way but in particular this one guy name Matt.  He was the one who I was working with most closely and I crushed on him in a hard way from day one.  We talked about everything and listened to country music together while I ran tests, recorded data, and cleaned beakers.  I was asked to perform a computational fluid dynamics analysis which in the end I didn’t have time to figure out.  I thought I was pretty bad ass and I learned a lot.  The assignment was really fun and I did a lot of what the guys called “bitch work” but I didn’t care.  It was a fun summer.  One day, the guys got mad at me.  I’m still not sure why.  I had told everyone that I was going back to the Thermal group.  I only had a few days left.  All of a sudden all the guys were mad at me.  Even Matt.  I really still don’t know why.  They started making snide comments to me.  They told me that I talked to much about non work related things.  One guy told me not to talk to him unless it was work related and stalked off.  Finally, while I was perched at Matt’s desk looking over his shoulder for no reason in particular, I noticed the emails.  They had been emailing each other about me.  I remember one saying “Why are you still working with her?”  I don’t remember the others, but I remember how the heat rose up in my cheeks and my chest.  I remember one word for word from Ben.  “I’m writing a book about the world’s worse engineers.”  I jumped up because Ben had walked up behind me.  I yelled at him right then.  Quietly.  I asked if he was writing a book about the world’s worse engineers.  I asked if I had a paragraph in it or a whole chapter.  I told him that he should take a walk with me and that I could give him enough stories to write the whole book about me.  I walked over to my computer pulled out the cords out of the wall and left the office.  I told the coordinator of the rotational program that I wasn’t going to finish my rotation with the Biological Defense department and why.  I ended the program and went permanent in the Thermal Design and Analysis group.  I never saw Ben or Matt again.

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