How to have fun dates while losing weight.

When dating, I often felt like guys were assessing me based on what I ate. Drop an emoji below if you know the feeling.

What made the difference for me was deciding that I was worthy of love whatever my body size and whatever I chose to eat.

The dialog in my mind started to produce confidence and acceptance for myself.

And that’s when everything changed. If I was on a date and sugary desserts weren’t on my plan, I asked for fruit. When dates suggested we go out for waffles, I spoke up and requested a restaurant that had omelettes.

I made these choices because I loved myself not because I needed the guy’s approval. And eventually I met and married a guy who told me he loved all of my bodies – not just the skinny one.

I reached this confident love for myself thanks to coaches who told me that I needed to have my own back and that losing weight out of hatred for myself simply didn’t work. They told me that I needed to love myself at my heaviest or even after losing weight the self loathing would remain.

They’re words were game changers. Now as your coach I’m saying the same to you. Start loving yourself now. You are already a precious total package. Don’t let the number on the scale define you. Get good at being your own best friend. Start now.

When I went on dates, I chose food knowing my value and goals. Conveying confidence was way more hot to a guy then anything else. He didn’t even notice the food.

You deserve to enjoy the date. Decide today you’ll never worry that a guy will judge your food choices again. You’re worth far more than what you eat for dinner.

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