How to flirt spiritually

For decades, I never flirted. In the back of my mind, I thought it wasn’t Christian or godly. And for decades, I stayed single. Thankfully, I began to see that flirting was simply inspiring attraction not soliciting lustful attention or sinful activities.

I’d love to share how the fruits of the Spirit can help you attract your dream guy. What better way to draw your guy to you than with these beautiful virtues?

Love – always flirt with his best interest in mind. Don’t tempt him towards lust or impurity.

Joy – happiness is super attractive. Smile at him. Laugh at his jokes. Stop complaining and practice gratefulness towards him.

Peace – don’t stress. Send the text without agonizing. It really doesn’t matter as much as you think.

Patience – let him lead. Even if things are taking longer then you think they should. It’s ok to slow down and not rush him.

Kindness – send the sweet text so that he smiles when he sees it. Write him a letter. Cook him a meal or treat.

Goodness – the way you treat others will speak volumes to him.

Faithfulness – do not flirt with other guys. And have his back in a group. Never insult him in front of others – or ever!

Gentleness – be feminine to his masculine. Tell him you respect him. Show respect by letting him make decisions you follow. Do not be a know-it-all or judgmental.

Self control – stop texting him so much. Let him miss you.

These are things I learned that got me married and that keep our marriage thriving. I used all of these principles and went from no dates to engaged to married.

Let me know if any of these are new to you or if you’re doing these things already! Contact me if you want coaching.

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  1. Thank you for sharing and reminding. Beautiful tips. I struggle with waiting and slow down. Still learning 😉

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