Long Distance Relationship: Advice to Making it Work

Caleb and I met when I was living in Michigan and he was in Oregon. We dated long distance almost a year before I moved to Oregon and we got engaged and married. I learned a lot about keeping a long distance relationship thriving. A lot of you are online dating and meeting guys a distance from you. So here’s my advice for an amazing long distance relationship.

1️⃣ Set aside planned times for long distance date nights. Caleb and I had a scheduled movie, game and Bible study nights. It was so comforting to have this structure. Then we planned once in awhile to do FB live at restaurants just for fun extras.

2️⃣ Don’t just text. That’s exhausting and won’t build the connection as strong as talking on the phone and using video chat.

3️⃣ Visit as often as you can. Don’t skip this. Visits are truly the oxygen to your relationship. Don’t let it die by starving each other with not enough visiting.

4️⃣ Jackbox.tv and phone apps for games, Netflix party for shows, and 101 Questions to Ask Before Getting Engaged for study night dates.

5️⃣ Once the relationship is really strong, you will reach a point where you have to have an end in sight. Long distance relationships need to have an end so start talking about one or both of you moving before fatigue sets in. It was a hard decision but I’m so glad I moved for love.

6️⃣ Understand the limitations. No, you’re not going to have all your needs and desires met. Yes, you’ll feel alone sometimes and wish he could be there. Don’t blame him and sabotage the relationship. You’ll need a lot of grace for each other. Recognize and appreciate the effort he’s putting in. This isn’t easy and it’s a lot of work.

These are my words of wisdom. We had so much quality time at the beginning of our dating life when we were far a part. We laid a solid foundation. You can do the same. Let me know if you have any questions or need encouragement.

You got this!!

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