Vulnerability is sexy

Do you ever wonder why you’re not really connecting with men? Do your interactions feel dry instead of electric? If so, I can make a guess at something. You’re not being vulnerable.

So many women start out their interactions as though it’s an interview. They ask “What are you looking for?” “Are you a Christian?” and “Why did your last relationship end?” Then they go on to have some small talk.

If this is you, I want you to know this is not fun. Not for either of you. Vulnerability is super attractive. If it’s not easy for you, you might need practice. So stop interviewing and start practicing.

Here’s how you can get started…

1️⃣ Tell him you’re scared

Not only will this give him a desire to protect you, but also this encourages him to open up too. Tell him your fears of being single or your fear that he’ll think you’re too serious. Be honest and open. It’s so endearing and allows him to be honest and open too.

2️⃣ Share what’s hard about being a Christian

You don’t need to come across as a Bible thumper know it all. You’re human and God has taught you a lot. Get humble and share those things.

3️⃣ Daydream with him

Talk about hopes and dreams, secret wishes. Pretend and role play. Have fun!! This is way more interesting than talking about work.

4️⃣ Let him know when he makes you happy

When men feel appreciated, they can’t get enough of you. Men love to please their woman. So let him know what to keep doing. Let him feel good about you.

Ultimately you’ll have to practice getting vulnerable. SO many women refuse to do this especially early on. But here’s the deal. You’ve truly got nothing to lose. This will give so much momentum to you interactions. You lose way more by NOT being vulnerable.

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