How to flirt spiritually

For decades, I never flirted. In the back of my mind, I thought it wasn’t Christian or godly. And for decades, I stayed single. Thankfully, I began to see that flirting was simply inspiring attraction not soliciting lustful attention or sinful activities. I’d love to share how the fruits of the Spirit can help you … Continue reading How to flirt spiritually

Self worth regardless

I was pretty discouraged yesterday then I got some coaching and realized my self worth didn’t come from what I accomplished. If I can’t do something, figure something out, solve every problem, it doesn’t matter. I’m still ok. More than ok. If I fail, I got my back. #loveyourselftoday #loveyourselfmore #beyourbestyou #loveyourbod #lovingmyjourney #loveyourbodynow Continue reading Self worth regardless


How many black friends do you have? I’d like you to consider me one of yours. Friend me on FB and message me that you met me through this blog. Here’s a video of me on Juneteenth 2020. Freedom Day. It’s me talking about my hair styling and self care tips and even weight loss … Continue reading Juneteenth

Loneliness doesn’t stop

The loneliness doesn’t stop once you’re married. The loneliness leaves when you change your thinking. I had a miscarriage last summer. I’m still grieving that beautiful, precious child of ours. We named her, talk about her, cry about her. She is our first child no matter what. Now that I’m married there’s something else to … Continue reading Loneliness doesn’t stop

Losing 80 pounds

I’ve lost 80 pounds since I got married. I didn’t lose weight because my husband wanted me to or because I wanted to be more attractive. I did it because this is the only body I will ever get. And I want to take care of it. As your dating coach, I can help you … Continue reading Losing 80 pounds