How to flirt spiritually

For decades, I never flirted. In the back of my mind, I thought it wasn’t Christian or godly. And for decades, I stayed single. Thankfully, I began to see that flirting was simply inspiring attraction not soliciting lustful attention or sinful activities. I’d love to share how the fruits of the Spirit can help you … Continue reading How to flirt spiritually

Self worth regardless

I was pretty discouraged yesterday then I got some coaching and realized my self worth didn’t come from what I accomplished. If I can’t do something, figure something out, solve every problem, it doesn’t matter. I’m still ok. More than ok. If I fail, I got my back. #loveyourselftoday #loveyourselfmore #beyourbestyou #loveyourbod #lovingmyjourney #loveyourbodynow Continue reading Self worth regardless