2021 Love Starts Here

Hello my Beautiful Friend!

We haven’t met yet, but I bet I know something about you already.

I bet you’re the Total Package.

I bet you’ve worked hard to build an amazing life. You’re probably in a great career and live in a cute home. You’re not just successful career wise, but you work hard on your personal life too. You’ve read all the self help books and gone to the seminars. You’re health conscious. Like I said, you’re the total package. But even though you’ve created an awesome life, you’re missing one thing… someone to share it with.

…someone to exchange secret looks and jokes with at parties.

…someone to cuddle with while you both binge watch Netflix shows.

…someone to go grocery shopping with and help you do the dishes.

…someone to put his arm around you and sit with you every week at church.

…someone who knows your secrets and loves you without judgement.

All of this is not just what you want, it’s what you deserve. And it’s what I’m here to help you get.

My name is Michelle Joiner.

I help single Christian women find and captivate the man God has created just for them.

When I was single, coaching was what helped me to get out of my own way. I learned how to inspire attraction, see my own worth and think of myself as a high value woman. I was taught how to flirt and connect and build chemistry. And most importantly, coaching helped me find the love of my life, the father of my future children, and the soulmate and best friend I get to eat almond flour pancakes with every Saturday. Now, as a certified life and dating coach, I’ll help you get all of these same results and write the ending you’ve always desired for your own love story.

I know it’s hard when all you’ve heard is frustrating advice and clichés.

“When you stop looking and least expect it, your future husband will show up.”

“God will send you the right guy. Just be content.”

“Instead of trying to find the right person, be the right person.”

It was so insulting when people said things like this to me. All their advice did was leave me stuck making pointless mistakes and wasting years alone that I could have spent with a loving partner.

Now I want you to stop and imagine your future wedding. Imagine the flowers and the cake and the dress. Imagine tearing up when you hear the first dance love song and knowing it’s about you. What would you be willing to invest to have the wedding of your dreams? How much more valuable is it to invest in finding and meeting the man you’ll walk down the aisle towards to marry? You don’t need another big vacation. You don’t need to put a down payment on a house. What you really need and want is to meet your future husband.

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